We want to make world class pizza, the best in Bristol and beyond

We make bread, a good salad and a few gelatos. But pizza is our focus. Our passion. We won’t apologise for that. It’s slow pizza. Yet fast pizza. We ferment our dough for days. At least one but typically more. No shortcuts. It’s a bitch to work. It rips, it tears. It tastes amazing. We bake at 500deg for 60-90s. Seared. Charred. Striving for perfection

Wednesday6pm to 9pm
Thursday6pm to 9pm
Friday12pm to 2:30pm for lunch, 6pm to 10pm
Saturday12pm to 10pm
Sunday12pm to 6pm

We take bookings for groups of 8 or more, please pop in or email bookings@berthas.co.uk. We have a bar and counter for you to have a drink if there is any wait to be seated.

The Old Gaol Stables, Cumberland Road, BS1 6WW

Time for flavour

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After a tour of the UK we finally settled in Bristol. It was a natural choice.

We believe in local food, we believe in Bristol, for what it stands for - supporting independent producers. We want to be a part of this.

You can read about just some of the things we love about Bristol in January 2015 addition of Bristol 247 publication

Our story

Let’s pick up our story a couple of years back, in our back garden with a Sheffield steel wood fired oven called Bertha. We were looking for a change of direction, a route out of London. A vocation not a chore. We sat there sharing the food we’d cooked with friends and the answer stared back at us - pizza.

Great pizza is simple. Good ingredients on good bread. It’s accessible; the best pizza in the world is affordable to the masses. We love that.

It’s a showcase for ingredients. We want to be part of the community, to partner with local suppliers. This isn’t about buzzwords or trends. It matters. Provenance matters. Quality matters. Our sanity matters. And the best way to keep the fire in our bellies and passion for our work is to team up with the best local producers and change our menu with the seasons.

Fast forward several years, countless cindered, failed attempts and we’ve travelled the world, learned from some of the best in the US and put our waistbands on the line to sample all - and I mean all - that Naples had to offer.


[noun] leaven for making bread raised with starters made from a strain of wild yeast (Saccharomyces exiguus) [bless you] that grows naturally on fruit and grain

Our ‘mother’

At the heart of all our pizzas is the dough. And at the heart of our dough is our sourdough starter or mother.

It’s a symbiotic mix of wild yeast, bacteria (think good bacteria) and enzymes. The long ferment gives the natural enzymes time to do their work. The gluten chains are broken down further and you’re left with something which is both delicious and easy to digest.

If you’re going to leave your crusts please do so discretely, I don’t want to witness them being thrown away.


If you're interested to read more please check out the blog. But more importantly, stick with us for the journey, we’re only just warming up.

Graham and Kate

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