Bertha's Has Found A Home

There were days when we thought we'd never find a place to call home, but our searching has paid off and we have found a beautiful building in the middle of Bristol surrounded by wonderful independant retailers we get to call neighbours. The Old Gaol Stables on Cumberland Road (BS1 6WW) has become Bertha's Pizza.

Wednesday6pm to 9pm
Thursday6pm to 9pm
Friday12pm to 2:30pm for lunch then 6pm to 10pm
Saturday12pm to 10pm
Sunday12pm to 6pm

We take books for groups of 8 or more people, please pop in or email We have a bar and counter for you to have a drink if there is any wait to be seated.

Our aim

We commissioned 3 tonnes of mosaicked, hand built Neapolitan oven, the third iteration of Bertha and the beating heart of our restaurant. She runs at over 500C cooking pizzas in 60 seconds, the searing heat creating loft and flecks of char on our characteristic long ferment sourdough base. We will continue to team up with the best producers, the more local and sustainable the better. We're not doing this for fashion, trends, or even to sell more pizza. We're doing it because we care and because we want to see those we partner with flourish too.

Our menu will remain concise, focussed on doing one thing well - pizza. But within the remit of dough and fermentation don't be surprised if you see fresh bread for sale and our own house made mozzarella, charcuterie and ferments featuring in our toppings.

Along our journey we have met many talented people who we have worked with to bring Bertha's home to life. We hope to make you a pizza soon.

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