Bertha’s At Home

Our frozen range of Neapolitan pizzas gives people restaurant quality pizza in their own home. Staying true to our restaurant we use the same high quality ingredients and techniques, hand stretching and cooking the bases at 500C, then we finish topping them, vacuum pack and freeze – its just your oven, not ours, that finishes it.

Why frozen? Because cooking straight from the freezer in just 10 minutes is not only convenient but produces a better product, no more soggy bottoms.

Our range launches with four ‘characters’

Meet the Gang


Tomato, mozzarella, Wiltshire ham, artichokes, kalamata olives

Real name Percy Hamilton. A beloved kids entertainer and comic book collector. Whilst planning his parties he listens to Absolute 90s radio.

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Tomato, mozzarella, kalamata olives & capers.

Miss Naples, Sofia. A timeless beauty happiest strolling on the sun kissed beaches of her home where she can taste the salt air. A big fan of acoustic guitar and folk music.

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Meat + Heat

Tomato, mozzarella, Cobble Lane pepperoni & chilli infused honey

Roni, a retired boxer. When he’s not working out to Eye of The Tiger he relaxes with power ballads with his cat Mittens.

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Tomato, mozzarella, Grana Padano, basil, olive oil.

Queen Margherita of Savoy – a lover of art & literature and keen mountaineer. Whilst scaling the peaks she indulges in a bit of Kate Bush.

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Testimonials & Reviews

Bristol Post review

Josie – Shop Manager, Mall Deli
We love Berthas! We cannot sing their praises enough, not only are they a Bristol institution, they are cracking people, the pizzas are INSANE and the quality is consistent. Being able to cook a restaurant quality pizza from an oven at home is just brilliant, we can’t top up our freezers quick enough! Thanks Berthas 🙂

Rachel – Owner, Cork’s of Bristol
Bertha’s Pizza has been a great addition to our range. It is the first time we’ve sold food like this (previously only crisps and nuts!) and it is a great success. The quality of the product and branding fits perfectly with us and the supply service is excellent. Customers have caught on quickly to being able to buy a pizza alongside their wine or beer. We also get customers coming specifically for the pizza who tag on a bottle of wine or two!

Alexis – Head Buyer Brockley Stores Group
Bertha’s Frozen Pizzas are not just a frozen pizza, they are like having a top notch take away sourdough pizza in your freezer. There are all of your favourite toppings and the price is more than affordable! Every single person who has bought one has come back with fantastic feedback and wanting more! We love them and think there isn’t a better frozen pizza on the market!

Livvy – Trading Expert,Tout’s Group
The Bertha’s team have been great to work alongside, and we were very excited to play a part in the launch of their retail ready pizza range. Bertha’s pizza has added a particular uniqueness and quality to our food for later options and is a valuable addition to our local food offering.

Kate – Kind Regards Coffee
Omg. I was hesitant, but jeez Louise you’ve done it! Berthas pizza AT HOME is a revelation! Best pizza dough I’ve ever, ever had and it still works reheated. Stellar work 👏 👏 


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