So here it is, my first blog post, can’t help feeling this is anti-climactic.

Perhaps a good place to start is to outline what I’m trying to achieve with this. This won’t be your usual food blog, and I won’t be out each week sampling new restaurants to post my thoughts here, there are plenty of excellent examples of those already. I’ve started this in an attempt to create some order to my research, my attempt to find the perfect pizza. This will be the place for my ramblings. Along the way I’ll search for the best ingredients, I’ll look into dough, how it works and what options there are, I’ll chop logs, I’ll play with fire, and I’ll eat lots, and lots of pizza.

I think the first real pizza I made was at uni, longer ago now than I’d care to admit, but that was the first time I made everything from scratch, took the time to make the dough, slow cook a tomato sauce and procrastinate from the work I should have been doing. The issue was we didn’t have an oven. That was never going to stop us though, in fact we saw it as an opportunity. Several beers later we had a George Forman Grill inverted over a frying pan on our electric hob and we were off, our first pizza was cooking, the charred crust being achieved by a plumber’s blowtorch which was half the price of the namby-pamby “chef’s blowtorch” the department store had on offer. Don’t try this at home kids. But it worked. And no one died.

Since then things have progressed somewhat, we now have an outdoor oven in our garden, our sourdough starter forms the basis for our dough and kebab meat is vetoed as a topping. But, that’s not to say we’ve still not got so much more to learn, and that’s what I hope will follow here…

how not to do it