I’ve long been a fan of the Serious Eats pizza blog, Slice and in particular their Top This feature which in their own words “show[s] you how to replicate unusually topped restaurant pies at home”. Now I’m a pie fan but a pie to me is prefaced by the word “pork” and as a British pizza blogger I’ll be sticking with the word pizza. Minor quibble’s aside it’s a great series and I’ve enjoyed following their suggestions to create many a memorable pizza at home. As homage to this I’d like to do something similar so here’s the first post with one of my own creations, the stilton cheeseboard.

We had a block of stilton in the fridge which was looking pretty sorry for itself and that formed the inspiration for this pizza. Combined with some rosemary from the garden, walnuts for texture and some grapes for a touch of sweetness this turned out reasonably well.

…decided against adding the pancetta and parmesan cheese in the end


Our favourite sourdough base


Chopped rosemary

Sliced grapes




Olive Oil

ready for Bertha

Extra prep?

None really, although I added the rocket after baking to retain it’s freshness

straight out of the oven


… and just before we demolished it

What I’d do differently

The olive oil wasn’t needed, a fair amount of oil came out of the stilton. I’d add half a teaspoon of honey next time to balance the acidity and salt in the stilton too.