Hello, I suppose we should introduce ourselves, we’re Bertha’s Pizza, Graham, Kate & Meg, do say hi if you see us about. I guess you’re wondering what’s happening to this beautiful building – we’re proud to say it’s becoming our home. Our journey started 6 years ago with a backyard oven named Bertha and a dream to make world class pizza. As a hobby became an obsession, and we spent our holidays working in some of the world’s best pizzerias, mobile Bertha was born and for the past few years we’ve been touring far and wide. If you’ve seen a bright yellow Land Rover with an oven shoehorned in the back that’d have been us. We made the final of the BBC Food & Farming Awards in our first year of trading and The Sunday Times has just listed us as one of the top 25 pizzerias in the UK, all very flattering for a modest mobile setup. The accolades are nice but our real goal is to create a friendly, owner-run, neighbourhood restaurant serving simple, affordable food which brings a smile to your face. We’ve commissioned 3 tonnes of mosaicked, hand built Neapolitan oven, the third iteration of Bertha and the beating heart of our restaurant. She’ll run at over 500C cooking pizzas in 60 seconds, the searing heat creating loft and flecks of char on our characteristic long ferment sourdough base. We will continue to team up with the best producers, the more local and sustainable the better. We’re not doing this for fashion, trends, or even to sell more pizza. We’re doing it because we care and because we want to see those we partner with flourish too. Our menu will remain concise, focussed on doing one thing well – pizza. But within the remit of dough and fermentation don’t be surprised if you see fresh bread for sale and our own house made mozzarella, charcuterie and ferments featuring in our toppings. The aim’s to open in August with a week’s soft launch prior for those who’ve helped us get this far; if you’d like to be part of this, to join the family and provide feedback to shape your neighbourhood pizzeria then drop us an email on the address below. More importantly, stick with us for the journey, things are about to get interesting. If you’re keen to read more our website’s berthas.co.uk and if you’ve got any questions please pop your head in or email us at hello@berthas.co.uk If you’d be interested in joining the team contact careers@berthas.co.uk